(310) 208-3011 staffveo@gmail.com

Online Telehealth Consultation

We are available for consultation regarding the following issues/conditions:

  • Red eye/pink eye issues
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Eye allergies
  • Itchy eyes
  • Dry Eyes
  • Any vision related question you want to discuss with the doctor

To schedule a consultation call the office at 310 208-3011. 

Calls during our current office hours will be answered by our staff.  Necessary information will be collected.  If you have medical insurance that we accept we will obtain copies of your insurance information and collect all copays up front.  If you have medical insurance but we are not a provider, you can still use our services.  We will treat the consultation as if it is a private pay consultation and you will be provided with a superbill which will  have the necessary codes so you can submit for reimbursement to your current medical insurance company for any reimbursement that is available.  If you do not have medical insurance coverage for the consultation, the fee for a 15 minute consultation is $150 which will be collected up front.  Your telephone contact number will be relayed to the doctor on call and you will be contacted.