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Problems with New Eyeglasses/Glasses Prescriptions:

It is not uncommon for patients to have a little difficulty when adjusting to a new glasses or eyeglasses prescription.
The main thing to understand is that most patients adjust over time. It may take a week or two to become comfortable with the new prescription. If however, after a week or two the patient is still having difficulty, they should return to where they purchased the glasses and have the optical department double check to make sure that the glasses have been made properly. If it is determined that the glasses are made correctly, allow yourself another week or two to adjust. If after another two week there is still some difficulty, have the doctor recheck the prescription.

Here are some reasons why a new prescription may take some adjustment:

1. The patient may be wearing contact lenses most of the time. The way patients see with glasses is different from the way we see with contact lenses. When we wear contact lenses and we look to the sides or up and down, the lenses move with our eyes and we are always looking through the centers of the contact lenses. With glasses we are looking through different parts of the lenses as we look to the sides and up and down. This can take some adaptation.
2. Some times a full prescription can feel too strong for a patient. Some patients like their prescription to be a little “underpowered”. Your doctor can adjust the prescription if this is the case.
3. Some prescriptions take more adaptation than others. Especially high prescriptions.
4. Some times, the materials that are used to fabricate the lenses may need some modification.
5. It is also possible that the glasses were not measured properly. If this is the case, the optical department should be able to make this determination and to remake the prescription.

Here is the bottom line:  your eye doctor wants your prescription to be clear and comfortable for you.  If you are still having trouble after a week or two, first have the optical department check the prescription.  If correct, give the glasses another week or two to become comfortable.  If you are still having trouble, have the doctor recheck the prescription.