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Orthokeratology/Myopia Control/Corneal Molding/Nearsightedness Improvement

The above four headings describe a service that we offer at Village Eyes Optometry that can actually reduce moderate amounts of myopia by reshaping the front surface of the cornea. The procedure involves the usage of special semi rigid high oxygen transmission contact lenses that have a special shape that will actually flatten the front surface of the cornea when worn. These lenses can be worn during the day, in a fashion similar to the way in which most contact lenses are worn. They can, however, actually be worn at night if desired. If worn at night, the lenses reshape the cornea while sleeping. When the patient wakes up in the morning, the lenses are removed and the new flattened corneal curvature allows the patient to function during the day without wearing any glasses or contact lenses.

There is some new research that shows that there my be some additional benefit to these lenses. In addition to the flattening of the cornea and the improved vision due to the myopia control caused by the contact lens, there may be a reduced stimulus for axial eyeball length growth. This means that in addition to improving a patient’s vision short term while using these lenses, there may be an actual benefit in slowing down the progression of myopia.

This reduced stimulus of axial eyeball length growth may possibly be available in certain bifocal soft contact lenses as well. These lenses will provide improvement of vision like regular soft contact lenses when worn, but due to the way in which the bifocal contact lens provides its vision correction, there may be this beneficial benefit of myopia control as well.

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