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Please click on the “Your Lens” link above to place your order for contact lenses. You will be directed to the “Your Lens” internet site where you can place your order with confidence knowing that you will not only get great prices for your contact lenses but you will automatically be credited with any available manufacturer’s rebates as a part of your order. In addition, when you purchase your lenses this way you will receive additional discounts when you purchase a full year’s supply and be eligible for free shipping to the address of your choice. In addition, when you order from “Your Lens” through Village Eyes Optometry you will also be eligible for:

Free replacement of any defective lenses
Diagnostic or “sample” lenses when available when you run short at no charge
Free Care Kits and cases when available
Only the absolute best quality and freshest lenses available

Contact lenses are medical devices that must be used in accordance with specified instructions and with doctor supervision on a regular basis to ensure that patient’s eye health is at an optimum. It is easy to think of contact lenses as a simple commodity, but that is far from the truth. When worn and maintained properly contact lenses are a safe and comfortable option to vision correction. Rest assured that Village Eyes Optometry will do all that we can to make sure that our patient’s eyes are healthy and that they have the best fitting contact lenses available.