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Your sight is one of the most important parts of your life. With so much to see in LA, you deserve the best vision possible. Our doctors understand how important your eyesight is and are committed to providing safe and effective eye care.

Welcome to Village Eyes Optometry of Westwood Village

Where you and your vision are our first priority.

Perfect vision doesn’t necessarily mean your eyes are healthy.

In fact, many systemic issues with your health are first detected in your eyes. At Village Eyes, our eye doctors use years of experience and advanced diagnostic equipment to detect changes in your vision and eye health. During your exam, we evaluate your risk factors for eye diseases and other indicators of general health issues.

Regardless of your visual needs, our collection of eyewear from budget to designer frames and sunglasses will give you the look and feel that’s just right for you.

We Can Help You See Better

Whether you need better vision for driving, reading, work or sports, we can help you achieve the best vision possible.

Experienced Doctors for Comprehensive Care

Village Eyes offers complete eye care including eye exams, emergency eye care for various eye problems including dry eyes and eye allergies, treatment of eye diseases including pink eye, eye infections, conjunctivitis and glaucoma.  In addition, we can help our patients with laser vision correction and cataract surgery.

Please view our introductory video above.

Contact Lens Center

We offer contact lens fitting for all types of contact lens products including soft, soft toric, disposable and non-disposable contact lenses, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, as well as lenses for special purposes and special conditions. including multifocal soft and gas permeable multifocal lenses. We fit custom lenses for post surgical complications and keratoconus. and the latest hybrid contact lenses as well as special large diameter scleral lenses for difficult to fit corneas. We also have colored lens options for those patients that want to enhance their eye color. In addition we offer special contact lenses for corneal molding or “orthokeratology” that can actually improve nearsightedness so much that no contacts or eyeglasses are needed during waking hours.

A Full Service Optical Boutique

We feature the latest fashion eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, and special lens treatments to make the lenses scratch resistant and glare free. We carry an extensive selection of non-prescription fashion sunglasses and reading glasses. And, best of all, we have an in house laboratory to provide the highest quality eyeglasses fabrication in a timely manner.

Dry Eye Clinic

Nearly 1 one out of every 10 Americans suffers from dry eyes. Left untreated, dry eye syndrome can cause severe eye pain, infections, and other complications. People suffering from dry eye are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience discomfort, blurred vision and other problems when reading, using a computer, watching television and driving. Our Westwood Village Dry Eye Clinic, Dry Eyes Los Angeles, offers state of the art treatment for all those suffering from dry eyes.

Introducing real relief from dry, red, fatigued eyes caused by skin and eyelid inflammation.

If you are suffering from dry, red, tired or burning eyes it may be caused by skin and eyelid inflammation. Affecting millions of Americans every year; over 85% of skin and eyelid inflammation patients also suffer from inflammatory ocular conditions, such as dry eye.

Does the need for frequent eye drop use in an attempt to control your symptoms frustrate you?

Village Eyes Optometry is now offering a revolutionary treatment using IPL technology to eliminate the root cause of your dry, red, fatigued and burning eyes that will also help your eyes feel calm and clear – while reducing your dependency on eye drops.

From the moment that I entered the office, I was welcomed and felt at ease with the reception staff. Right on time, I was greeted by Dr. Vogel who exhibited the perfect blend of kindness, comedy, and professionalism. He employed numerous fancy gadgets and thoroughly analyzed my vision and found me to have a small prescription.  Of course I had many questions which he answered confidently, even allowing me to try on a pair of temporary frames and head out front to test the difference between my vision and what it could be like with glasses.  There was no pressure to make any additional purchases.

Trevor G 
Trevor G

Just had my annual eye exam with Dr. Vogel and it was another great experience! My wife and I both see
Dr. Vogel every year. Cheers to him and the wonderful staff over at Village Eyes Optometry!